Limb Pickup Requirements

Requirements for limb pickup by waste contractor:

  • Limbs shall be no larger than 4 feet and 6 inches in diameter
  • Individual limb piles shall be stacked to a maximum of 3 feet in height
  • Individual limb piles shall be no larger than 60 lbs.
  • Limbs shall be bundled neatly and placed next to the garbage receptacle at curbside. ( Do not place limbs in the street or in storm drain ditches )
  • There shall be no construction material within the limb piles for pickup.
  • Limbs piles will be picked up on the second pickup day during the week.
  • Limbs placed at the curb not in compliance with these standards shall not be picked up. Code enforcement will contact residences with compliance issues to resolve.
  • Residents who contract with a tree service or hire an individual for removal of trees on private property will be responsible for the disposal of such debris