Down Home Values

Nestled in the northern tip of Madison County is a small town known as Flora. It is best know for its small town flair and down to earth values. The 3.4 square miles of quiet streets and subdivisions on any given day will be teamed with families walking, riding bikes or taking afternoon strolls. It is a place where knowing your neighbor is a part of everyday life and a place where families have lived for generations.

Its downtown is reminiscing of an old town atmosphere where you can join your friends for breakfast at the local Howell’s café or grab one of the best burgers around at the Blue Rooster by the tracks. It’s a place where the community comes together to cheer on their favorite sports team and support the youth at local school events.

On quiet afternoons when you feel the seasons changing, you can venture on to your front porch and listen to First Baptist Church of Flora bells chiming from the church tower at noon each day and on special Holidays throughout the year.

It’s a community that shares its love for family and friends that is involved in keeping up the home town feel and welcomes those who want to be part of a caring and growing community.

Flora, it’s a place where many have called home, where many have lived their entire life and where many who have left and ventured out into the world have come back to raise their own family so that their children will have instilled in them the old town values that only a small town like Flora can offer.

Flora, there’s no place like home.